Sterilize, Deodorize, and Anti-Foul

With Made in Japan Photocatalyst Technology


10-year Guarantee


Japanese Technology


25-Year Proven Track Record


Do you have these Concerns? 


Seeking simple, effective, and long-lasting anti-virus measures


Maintain hygiene and contagion free space 


Promotes air-purification and deodorization 


Protect customers and employees from infection


Want to minimize cluster infection occurrences 


Worried of store or office contamination  


Alternative sterilization to Alcohol or Hypochlorous acid


Searching for effective anti-soil solution on exterior surface  

Solve your concerns with 



Marble Surface




Application & Past Works 


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use ARC FLASHTM


Reduced germ & virus count 


Reduced smell count


Anti-fouling benefits


Increased day-to-day well being


10 year guaranteed life


​How it Works

How it Works


ARC FLASHTM is a Photocatalyst technology, which is considered as one of the most significant Japanese invention of the 21st century. ARC FLASHTM continues to evolve with continuous R&D and currently in its 9th version. With international supply chain and partnership  with Fortune 500 companies, ARC FLASHTM is truly a unique product. 

How it Works

What is Photocatalyst?

A photocatalyst is a material that functions as a catalyst (alters the rate of a chemical reaction) when exposed to light. Photosynthesis in plants is a well-known example of photocatalysis, in which chlorophyll acts as the photo catalyst. There are various materials that show photocatalytic capability, and titanium dioxide is said to be the most effective. 

How it Works

What is titanium dioxide? Is it Safe? 

Titanium dioxide is usually a white powder that is widely used in products in our daily lives such as toothpaste, white paint, sunscreen, cosmetics, and chewing gums.  

How it Works


Photocatalyst titanium dioxide uses ultraviolet light contained in sunlight and room-light, so it is an environmentally-friendly material.

ARC FLASHTM is a titanium dioxide-based coating 

ARC FLASHTM is a titanium dioxide-based coating agent when applied to any surface, requires only as little as room light to decompose when VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), bacteria, and virus is in contact.

Photocatalyst Main Characteristics



Titanium dioxide is a semiconductor that, when coming in contact with light, produces electrons and electron holes. It then reacts with water and oxygen to create hydroxyl radicals (•OH) and reactive oxygen allowing for the degradation and decomposition of harmful substances. This leads to a self-cleaning effect.

Photocatalysis of Titanium Dioxide 

Anti-Staining / Sterilization / Air Purification

Titanium Dioxide Coating

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Super Hydrophilicity

When light and water come in contact with a titanium dioxide coated surface, the surface becomes covered with hydrophiles. This super-hydrophilic process loosens dirt and grime found on the surface and water to rinse the surface clean of oil, dirt, grime, dust and other such contaminants. This phenomenon is seen when rain or other water comes in contact with the surface, resulting in self-cleaning.




Original Made-in-Japan photocatalyst technology 


25 years of product and technology development


International supply chain with Fortune 500 partners  


Partnership with Fortune 500 companies


Certified licensed vendor network 


Strong domestic and international track record 

The ARC FLASHTM Difference

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Cost Considerations


An investment in ARC FLASHTM can have many years of return to you and your loves ones at home or your colleagues in the office and professional environment


One application to an average sized house can work out to be as little as a $1 a day investment on your wellbeing


Over the lifetime of benefits ARC FLASHTM is a lot more economical versus other products that require ongoing re-application